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For 14 years PassionSound has been making feed transformers and valves outputs, as well as acoustic cabinets for first-class companies.

Lately we have also developed and made amplifiers with the famous Chips "TRIPATH" for other companies.

After more than one decade producing for third-parties we decided to design, develop and commercialise our own products.

Thus was born the PS3 cabinet, a monitor without concessions built for the delivery of an audio message where the location of instruments and voices, as well as the depth of the scene, surprises the most demanding audiophile.

Astonishing bass extension and control in absolute terms for a cabinet and a transducer of this size.
In blind test they have razed.

The sound does not vary in none of its versions. Their finishes and their prices may be very different, but the musical excellence, is exactly the same.

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